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PHOTO DVD ALBUMS ; USN and OTHER world ... (140)
We now have 152 titles in hand, and more being planned. The list has expanded NOT just to USN ship titles, but branched off to Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, Japanese Navy,and Russian Navy titles.

Each DVD is loaded with more pictures than will be found in any ONE book, in most cases they are HI RES, date labelled and captioned. Dont look for pretty pictures of ships a mile away. This is what I found most distressing when buying my reference books. I take the ship images and TIGHT CROP, in many cases cutting off bows and sterns, or hull sides, and pulling in close to the superstructures, the masts, radars, domes, sensors, boat stowages, bridges, weapons systems, yardarms---the nuts and bolts stuff that the modeler wants to see while building his model.

Economically--affordably priced, and discounts available for bundled titles....just drop me an email with your questions and concerns. Thanks for looking.

First available print comemmorates the 100th Anniversary of the RCN, featuring my home town, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...2nd one is an evocative favorite, BY THE DAWNS EARLY LIGHT.... and more to come.
Designed to be easily mailed 11 x 14 size these can be up graded to partially fill a 16 x 20 format size.

Pricing is affordable and not over the moon, and the purchaser gets a price break if he orders several prints AT ONE TIME so I am not shelling out Canada Post Rates 3 times over.

These are Photo Prints on RC Paper, and NOT INKJET, each is original. I can sign the HMCS WINNIPEG
and the DAWNGS EARLY LIGHT if you wish.

Need digital images of your company products and assets? We do AERIAL overflites of your company compound, shopping center, industrial complexes and construction projects. At ground level, we will do images of your vehicles, truck or van fleet with employees for your company brochures. In house imaging of your assembly line, in progress images of your manufacturing floor.

Presidents of the United States, Official ... (26)
By SPECIAL INVITATION as Foreign National Correspondent and guest of COMNAVAIRLANT, I was priveleged to photograph 2 US Presidents at an Official ceremony at Norfolk, Virginia, my old stomping grounds, attending the Commissioning Ceremonies of the new USN Aircraft Carrier, the George Herbert W. Bush, CVN 77, at Pier 14, Norfolk, January 2009. These are just but a few coverage sample images from that crisp Virginia morning. President George W. Bush officiated at the Podium for his father, Bush 41, or, George Herbert Walker Bush, the namesake of the 98,000 ton nuclear carrier.

Ray Bean not only does weddings. He has amassed a huge collection over the years, mostly in 35mm slide format, of his pet photo hobby subject-- Ships and Aircraft of Various Fleets. Suitable for Office or Home Decor, direct scans from these slides can be made to impressive wall plaques, and reasonably priced.
Lots of Aircraft Carrier " on deck" action shots , warship portraits of Canadian Naval Ships and USN Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers photographed pretty much wherever there is salt water..... many of these naval air and ship subjects have now been decommissioned and stricken from the fleet forces, and are now termed as 'archival' and 'historical'.

..needless to say require much planning, foresight and looking ahead for any couple. Our springs and summers can have ever changing weather conditions, and in the fall, the days are very short and outdoor shoot locations should be thought out far in advance.
An indoor backup location is absolutely essential. A good professional will know where to go, and know who charges for pay for use locations, whats free and whats not and will be able to advise the couple accordingly.
All the years I have been shooting I stay till 9pm at no extra charge. Usually the cake cutting and first dance can all be set up by that time. You have me for the whole day, no set hours or charge per location.... Better pricing is always available for Friday and Sunday dates, and late fall or winter....

ENGAGEMENT, Casual Dress and Family.... (27)
The perfect preamble to the couples' wedding day is the all important Engagement shoot...usually shot at an outdoor location discussed during the earlier consult... its a great way for the couple and photographer to interact in a stress free, casual dress atmosphere...



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